“Wishes come true…” – our first commercial

We feel incredibly lucky and grateful to have had so many opportunities since graduating drama school, and one of our highlights of 2019 has to be filming our first commercial for Stage Entertainment. At the end of October, we flew to Germany for a few days filming in and around Hamburg and we had the best time!

The premise of the commercial was that we were twin daughters in a family having Christmas dinner, and had each brought our boyfriends to the festive meal. However, one boyfriend was receiving a lot of special attention, deemed the favourite, whilst the other boyfriend was left rejected.

The whole creative team was so kind and energetic, and our small group of actors got on so well that we almost started to think we really were a family! We hope to have more commercial jobs come up again soon, especially for international companies.

Take a look at the advert below:

Produced by Markenfilm for Stage Entertainment 2019

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