Here are a selection of solos and duets sung by Phoebe and Isabella:

‘Sull’aria’ from The Marriage of Figaro – Duet
‘The Life I never Led’ from Sister Act – Isabella
‘Silent Noon’ – Phoebe
‘Defying Gravity’ from Wicked – Duet with ukulele
‘True Colors’ – Duet with ukulele
‘A Chloris’ – Isabella
‘None Shall Part Us’ from Iolanthe – Isabella
‘S’altro che Lagrime’ – Phoebe
‘Over The Rainbow’ from The Wizard of Oz – Duet with ukulele
‘Some Things Are Meant To Be’ from Little Women – Duet
‘Sure on This Shining Night’ – Isabella
‘Blessed Be The God & Father’ – Oriel Oxford Chapel Choir – Phoebe
‘The March of The Women’ – Isabella
‘Christmas Lullaby’ from Songs for a New World – Phoebe
‘Happy Days Are Here Again’ – Duet
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